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Benelli Advanced Battery Management System

Benelli advanced battery management system includes dedicated built in cell-checking hardware and software to improve the safety, capacity and pack life of lithium-ion batteries. The Benelli battery management system communication tool can easily be connected to a computer and the battery. The computer can then read the full history of the battery to show voltage, current, temperature, remaining capacity, full charge capacity, state of charge, cycle count, charge record etc… The battery management system enhances battery performance and can quickly diagnose any faults.


Twist Shift LED/LCD Display

Benelli has patented a new system for changing the power assistance level on its eBikes. Due to the higher speeds of eBikes it is safer to keep your hands on the handlebars, which sounds obvious, but the Benelli twist shift is the solution. Simply twist the integrated shifter and your power mode will change, and be displayed on the patented LED or LCD display (model dependant). There is no need to remove your hands from the handlebars to press buttons to change your power assistance level.

  • 5 power modes, from Basic to Fastest
  • Battery capacity
  • Current speed
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance
  • Screen light
  • Self-checking

Whatever you want to do, just twist the shifter!

How to control your e-bike? Benelli Biciclette gives you a more sensible choice. Using a highly specialized technology, Benelli offers e-bikes equipped with every comfort. All vehicles, for example, have an LED/LCD display on the handlebars, to satisfy every need. In the LED version, the display shows the PAS levels and battery indicators. In the luxury version with LCD display, the speed and distance travelled indicators are also included.


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